WHITE POLISHES | Featuring EL PORTO from Cult Cosmetics

White polish is a basic color in nail art.  It can be used as a base to make your nail color pop even more - for gradients, water marble, french tips, saran wrap technique - just about anything!  Best of all, I like it for making designs, it matches with any color of polish you use as a base. My favorite design is the ever easy flower-dots that you'll see on my Jelly polish below. A small dot in the middle then five around it.  Drag each dot towards the center of the flower for some definition... a walah!  You'll have an instant bouquet of flowers. Really, white is a great main-stay for your nail art basic supplies.

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color.
I have said that black has it all. White too.
Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” 

~ Coco Chanel

Here's my white polish collection.  It's my mostly used color - Two of these bottles are done... Might as well take a picture before I let go of them... ha! ha! :-)  Yup, it doesn't hurt to have a few bottles on stash, especially if they are offered on sale.  A better quality polish like El Porto is great to use as polish base (painting the entire nail.  See photo above.)  But for drawing, cheaper polishes are okay. Mind you, not because some polishes are cheaper that they are of inferior quality. You just got to find the right one.  Besides, I usually put a dab of color into a piece of paper or foil to use as a palette. Some of the polish gets dried up and wasted... That's why I go through white polishes quite a bit faster.

On the photo: FingerPaints from Sally Beauty Supply ($3.99), French Tip White from Avon ($3.99) El Porto from Cult Cosmetics (Prize from a contest) and Sinful Colors ($1.99)

Cult Cosmetics held a nail art challenge contest on Instagram not too long ago.  I entered on a few of the challenges including PINK and GLITTER.  For the glitter category, I entered this mani (on the photo below) and I won! Yipee!!!  It pays to be alert on these kinds of nail art contests, who knows you might win one of these days, right?  The odds of winning is a little brighter.  Since it requires some work, only a number of people join.  Works well for me!

I used El Porto (White) to draw my flowers and layered them in-between a jelly-like polish.  I added the glitter as an accent nail as well as flower centers.  I really loved how this mani turned out.  Of course, I am really pleased that it was chosen to win the contest for this particular challenge.  I was advised that it was shipped on Monday... I can see nail mail in my near future... yahoo!

What is your most favorite nail polish color?

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