Keep Your Hands Satin Smooth by using HAND CREAMS | What is your favorite Hand Cream?


How do you prefer your nails?  How about your skin?
Natural, with no polish?  Or do you like experimenting with different nail polishes and nail art?  No matter what we wear on our nails, or no matter how old we are, our manicure (or natural nails) would look prettier and more crisp if the surrounding cuticle is healthy and our hands well nourished.  Not to mention, we ladies love to give each other a soft touch or a pat in the back (how about a handshake?) 
So, how do we keep our hard working hands happy and beautiful?  Please continue reading for some hand pampering tips and some hand cream reviews.
Hand Cream

There are a few things we can do to make our hands smoother and younger looking like protecting our hands by wearing gloves when doing chores and not exposing skin the harmful substances, even water for a prolonged period of time.  Time and again, a nice at home pampering can also be done. Please see here.

But regular care is needed in order to obtain better results.Yes, regular care is the key.  A simple routine of applying hand cream or lotion to hands every after washing will do wonders.  Cuticle oil and a heavier cream or balm before sleeping is an easy way to wake up with nice looking, smooth feeling hands.  I keep a tube of hand cream and a bottle of cuticle oil on my night table.  That way, even when I forget to put some before leaving the bathroom, I could still apply it before sleeping. Pay good attention to your cuticles and behind your free-edge as this may not necessarily catch any of the cream.

What is your favorite hand cream?

Here's some that I have tried.

My two most favorite ones are Glysomed $7.99 and Avon Moisture Therapy (Intensive Repair) $3.99.  Because they work and they are cheaper than most brands out there.

The only difference between these two is the price, Avon being much cheaper (unless you get Glysomed on sale from Costco like I did)  Avon Moisture Therapy has different kinds - from light cream to heavy.  Intensive Repair is the heaviest cream and I like it the best. Sometimes Avon offers it in cute little tubes for $1.00 each and I like that :-)

Glysomed is also on the thick side and is available in non-scented formula.  I think these two formulas are quite the similar, they feel similar at least.  I use these creams mostly before bedtime or after hard chores like hand washing the dishes or delicate clothing.  I got this package on Sale for $7.99 at Costco (2 Giant tubes with a mini hand-carry size. Great deal!)

*Rule of thumb for thick creams is to apply it just after handwashing where the skin still moist.  That way, the cream absorbs faster.  Or use it with a drop of water.

2. JULEP Daylight Defense SPF 30

When I am expecting some exposure to the sun, I like using creams with sun protection.  I received the JULEP daylight defense in their mystery box subscription.  Quite pricey if bought on its own. The scent is a bit too strong for my liking to use ordinarily and I find it to be on the greasy side (well, I guess as is true for anything with SPF on it...) This cream have saved me from sun-damage a couple of times, cause it is also meant for the face.

3. MARY KAY Satin Hands (Unscented)

For a more regular use - purse main-stay cream, I use the Mary Kay Satin Hands.  Love this cream.  It is very light so you can apply it even to dry hands and it will make your skin feel moist.  It is on the more expensive side though. $13.00 per tube.I purchased this as part of their Satin Hands combo where it came with a the Satin Hands Balm and Scrub... I enjoy doing this regimen.  It makes me feel like I have my own at home spa...

Yup, it forces me to take a few minutes and relax. (Wet hands, apply a small amount of balm and massage a little.  Then moisten if needed to make application of the scrub easier.  Keep the scrub moist and scrub in gentle motions.  Paying particular attention to cuticles and in between the fingers.  Rinse, pat dry and apply the hand-cream... ah... that was good!)  The cream is not totally unscented, it actually has a very delicate, pleasant smell to it.  This set is also available in Peach Scent. 

Then there's my face cream from St Yves $4.99 - Once I put a little bit of cream in my face, I also apply some unto my hands.  Why not?  This cream is a little thick for the face as it contains collagens but just right for the hands.  I like how refreshing it feels after.  And the thought that I claims to make younger looking skin is a bonus - you know, washing face can strip of some moisture from the hands?  So right away after moisturizing my face, a massage a little bit of this cream on my hands too.

What is your favorite Hand Cream? 
Why would you recommend it?

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