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Born Pretty Store is an online store where you can find most anything that you need for nail arts - and more (make-up, jewelries... etc, etc)!  I first came acquainted with them on Ebay a few years ago where I purchased some nail art tools and I gave them a 5 star!  It was worth it.

Not too long ago, I purchased this "nail shield" directly from their website.  Initially, I sort of regretted that.  I thought that there's no way I could get a great service now as they are not scared of the Ebay rating system...  Much to my disappointment, the nail shield that was sent to me was not at all in good condition. You can see from the photos below.

I don't think it was worth $2.69 USD at all!  Didn't like it... The thing got shoved into my nail art box and life moved on.  A few days after, I received a call from Born Pretty's customer service asking my how I liked the products I ordered.  I said: " I wasn't going to make a big deal about it... but since you asked... tsk #@$! tsk..." lol... She asked for a photo, I complied and sent the one below.  "There is no product to substitute this at the moment. However, we can offer you two free gifts in your next purchase for the inconvenience."  I was excited... So, wasn't planning on ordering anymore nail art supplies, but I wanted my mystery gifts.

Here are the products I ordered.  These nail art decals are marked-down in their site at the time of purchase.  So I only got to use a 10% coupon on the cuticle oil.
Nautical Stickers $1.43; Blue Flowers Decal $1.43; Rose Plum Blossom $1.86; Lotus Blossom $1.86; Sunflower $1.86; Jasmine cuticle oil $1.79.  This time, I opted for free shipping. 

And here are my two gifts as promised.  Not bad, considering they were the ones that reached out to me.  Still doesn't equal the value of the nail shield, which I don't know if I would use at all, but it's something.  Secretly, I wished it was a "better gift" - equal or at least close to the price of the nail shield. Considering it would have been none at all, this is actually great.

Well, there are times like this in any business transaction. But everything can be fixed.  I have purchased many more items from Born Pretty store, since. The initiative of the customer service in reaching out to their customers after the purchase is very much appreciated.  Not many stores do that.

Here are other things I have purchased:

Total Cost (including shipping of $3.00): $29.55 USD
Extra shipping charge is for registered mail.

Nail art striping tape 30 rolls $12.99; 1 piece Rose decal $1.86; Flower Water transfer $1.86; Chinese Water transfer $1.86; Nail art studs $ 3.99; Rhinestones (not shown) $3.99

I ordered a set of 10 striping tape for $1.86 at another store in Ebay.  In comparison, the price would be half the cost of Born Pretty's... but we'll see about the quality later on.  Overall, I recommend this online store for your nail art shopping needs.  It's a one stop shop really...

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They ship internationally.

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