Wanderlust | Julep Subscription Box August 2014

"I believe it's time for another adventure."

Wanderlust - noun, a strong innate desire to rove or travel about.
Origin: 1850–55; < German, equivalent to wander(n) to wander + Lust desire; see lust

I am guilty of being attracted to this box because of it's name "Wandelust."  If money was no object, I would surely travel the world... lol..  Although it's not the world right now, I still wish to rove about and see new places and experience new things. Why is summer in Canada sooooo short? :-(  So now, we try to do as much as possible and soak up the heat as much as we can.  I am so dreading the coming of winter right now... I am gearing up for the cold winter months by racking in some polishes, lol.  Then I'll sit by the warm fire and do nails... for now, I will show you the polishes that come in my mail faster than I could use them... wa ha ha!!!

Today I receive gorgeous nail mail from Julep Maven.  Super excited, I opened it right away and took photos to share. It's a good thing that this box contains glitters and shimmers as I love those finishes.  This irresistibly named collection actually contains pretty colors. I have two boxes to show you this time = 2 products and 7 polishes in total ;-) I borrowed a friend's box because I thought it'll be neat to show you more polishes.

The first box is a customized box that my friend ordered.  She swapped some polishes in and out and ordered three add-ons. {From left to right:  Cameron, Joyce, Jane, Katie, Sushmita and Tazeen} In the regular box she got Katie, Taxeen and Joyce and the rest are add-ons.

Julep says, there's suppose to be a free surprise gift for ordering three add-ons.  I guess they forgot to add that here this time again?  (Two months in a row :-)  An email had been sent to inquire, so let's wait and see for the reply.  I am not sure if we should expect much considering she got one of the ad-ons using Jules rewards.  She spent 950 Jules to add Cameron, a Stardust finish polish.  Some ad-ons cost less than that.  That means, she did not pay $$$ for this ad-on. So... I guess we'll have to find out soon if she still gets the surprise gift, as promised.  Sometimes, we can't ask for more and more free stuff... lol...

Look it, look it!  Isn't this gorgeous?

Speaking about FREE.  Here is my box. I purchased this using 2,000 Jules rewards.  That means, I did not pay anything for this box. {That's one good thing I like about being a Maven is the Jules gets accrued and this is what happens, lol...}

I have the Bare Face Cleanser, I have been wanting to try this as I heard many good things about it.  I also have the Blank Canvas and a special edition polish called Queen Anne (It Girl).  Looking through the bottle, this polish almost looks like a holo polish to me.  I hope I'm right... looove holo polishes!

Here's the contents of our boxes all together.  I foresee some pj-nailart parties in our future, ha ha!

Have you received your August 2014 Wanderlust Box from Julep?  What did you get?
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Name: Wanderlust August 2014 Collection
For more information: Please click here <<Julep>>
Polish Details: Three Free (No formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.), 8 ml 

Price: First box free.  Succeeding boxes are $24.99 each or 2000 Jules rewards points. (Each box earns at least 300 Jules)

Where to buy: If you are from Canada or US, you may register as a Maven (Subscriber) using this link  (or click on badge on left).  As a registered Maven, you will receive a welcome box for free consisting of 3 polishes and maybe a beauty product. You may also order products through the website without registering though the prices will be more expensive.  It pays to be a Maven :-)

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