Trendy Nail Arts from Instagram's Most Talented Nail Artists | Feature Friday

Happy Friday!!!  Most of us are happy that it's the end of the week and the start of an exciting weekend... what do you look forward to the most?

Today is quite the rainy day.  The past few days have seen a lot of rain actually and I'm kind of glad ;)  Green and larger than usual foliage grace the trees outside and the grass is ever so lush.  So glad I could stay home on a rainy day like this, enjoy a cup of tea, listen to the sound of the rain drops and of course, admire some very talented girl's nail art designs.  Here are some designs I found to be pretty and interesting...If you have Instagram, please feel free to check out the other works of these beautiful, talented ladies.

Amix-match of tibal designs and a beautiful owl.  What do you think of this design?
Nail Art Credit to @badgirlnails

Easier than it looks?  A mix of different colors of textured polishes.
Nail art credit to +Victoria MANICURATOR 

How cute is this turtle inspired mani?
Nail art credit to @nail_fleur

Creating beautiful designs can be easy breezy with the use of stamping...
Have you tried it before?
Nail art credit to +ohmygoshpolish 

I think this design is just too gorgeous!  I love the choice of colors and glitter.
So feminine... Yet, the pizazz is undeniable.
Nail art credit to @deanne29

This nail art look is so pretty... floral nails always have a special place in my books.
Design can be achieved by the use of water decals or nail art stickers.
Nail art credit to +Miriam xNailsbyMiri 
What design is your favorite?
I hope you enjoyed these featured designs today... I wish you all the best this weekend.  I hope that it will be refreshing and relaxing for you.  Take care beautiful ladies!!!

xoxo Maya

CREDIT: To all our talented ladies, thank you for sharing you beautiful nail art with us.  Your designs are so so beautiful.  I wish that one day you could do my nails... {Don't you wish the same? lol}


  1. OMG, beauty nail art and fantastic artist!!!. God Bless U

  2. Maravillosas, preciosas, es increible lo que hace con las uñas. Un saludo y enhorabuena.

  3. I was looking for articles on Nail Salon Dubai and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!


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