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A blog, a diary, a journal ~ many of us keep account of the special events that happen in our life - whether it be sad or happy, exciting or mellow... Some of us share it publicly, to anyone who might be interested, such as a blog as this.  We hope to inspire or to inform... Some others share with only a chosen few, intimate friends or family.  And still some others choose it to be a personal companion, a trusted friend.  IN this article, we will focus on the kind of Diary that can be a trustworthy friend, an intimate confidant that one might choose to write for one's personal use only. 

"Find a note book that you would like to keep for many years, or make your own.  Write accounts in it daily... short or long.. about anything that comes to your mind."  Said my English teacher way back in grade school.  In the Philippines, part of our school curriculum is learning the English Language.  In the effort of helping us express ourselves in the foreign language, my teacher encouraged the writing of a journal. It was very intimidating at first... but as I wrote it, I came to enjoy it... then I loved it.  I started with short, uninteresting sentences.  Later on, I was writing essays and poems.  Looking back, that journal and it's contents are very childish now.  But I still remember how my teacher complimented me specially for one of the poems I wrote.  I kept a journal ever since.

Whenever I see nail art design such as the newspaper nail art or a design that employs words in it, I always think about the Diary.  I'm sharing with you some designs that you might find inspiring as well as I hope to inspire you into writing a journal yourself.  You may click on the images for the full post from their original artists. Please continue to read...

Robin Moises

Saday of Nail Drama

Kelsie's Nail Files

I could personally attest to the friendship that a Diary can give.  Leaving the Philippines and living in a foreign land... life changed tremendously for me.  Sometimes it seems like there's no going back. We grow older, you know?  We experience many things that changes us.  Over time, as we live, we are honed or corrupted by many things around us.  We become a different person.  Away from family and friends... the Diary became my trusted confidant. Today then, I want to share with you more about this kind of diary.  Later on, we'll talk about Blogging, just like this site, where you get to share your passions publicly...

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The Diary—A Trustworthy Friend

A DIARY can be a trusted companion, an empathetic friend in an unsympathetic world. A diary “allows us to leave a collection of still lifes that records our personal journeys,” says writer Christina Baldwin. Like a photo album that visually chronicles our past, a diary provides us with written “snapshots” that reveal and preserve the passage of our lives.

In Bible times governments often kept track of significant events. The Bible itself refers to a number of such official accounts. (Numbers 21:14, 15; Joshua 10:12, 13) The Greeks developed a type of almanac called ephemerides,* where they recorded the daily movements of the stars and the planets. 
The Romans, who conquered Greece, adopted the use of these journals but, with characteristic practicality, enhanced their value by adding daily events of community and public interest. They called them diarium, which comes from the Latin dies, meaning “day.”

It was not until the 17th century, however, with the writing of the journal of Englishman Samuel Pepys, that the diary as a repository of private everyday events became popular in Western lands. Containing an unusual mix of piety and worldliness, Pepys’ diary has given historians one of the most insightful accounts of life under the English monarch Charles II.
From that point on, journal keeping became increasingly popular. Many diaries have even become valuable historical documents. Noteworthy among these is the journal of a young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis. Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl is a searing testament of man’s inhumanity to man.

What Is the Appeal of the Diary?
Writing in a journal seems to address a fundamental human desire—self-expression. Whether recording our joy at a baby’s first words or the growth of a loving relationship, a diary permits us to reflect on the events that shape our lives. Reading the entries later allows us to relive those precious moments and the feelings they engendered.

One of the diary’s greatest advantages is its ability to help us to know ourselves
Writer Tristine Rainer calls it “a practical psychological tool that enables you to express feelings without inhibition.”  The Bible says at Proverbs 12:25: “Anxious care in the heart of a man is what will cause it to bow down.” If a person is reluctant to talk about his “anxious care” with someone, expressing himself in writing may be an alternative. Journal writing is thus often suggested as a helpful tool in dealing with emotional pain. A diary can become a place to reflect on one’s life, set new goals, and perhaps work out solutions to problems. Writing about one’s problems and feelings can help one to focus on the real issues and put them in perspective.

Keeping a diary can also be an educational tool. The American Federation of Teachers advises parents: “Encourage your children to keep a diary. Writing in a journal develops writing skills and creativity.”

How Do I Get Started?
First, find a quiet place and a journal or notebook that you are comfortable with. Admittedly, an empty page waiting to be filled can be quite intimidating. But the key is to be honest, spontaneous, and simple. You might ask yourself questions such as: ‘What did I do today? How did it affect me? What did I eat? Whom did I see? What is going on in the lives of those whom I care about?’ Or you might begin with the present moment, asking: ‘Where am I in life right now? What are my goals? My dreams?’ Then, without being critical, let the writing flow.

Write as much or as little as you like. Write as often or as seldom as you like. Be open and candid. Do not worry about grammar or spelling. No one else will see your work. You might try pasting in photographs, newspaper clippings, or anything else that is important to you. It is your book. It can be neat or sloppy, small or large. And you only have to write when you want to. If diary keeping becomes a rigid duty, you will set yourself up for failure and disappointment.—See below.

Just as a scientist may use a journal to observe and record changes in some organism that he is studying, a diary may help you to observe and study your own behavior patterns and tendencies in your life. Your journal will reveal your joys, your pains, your weaknesses, your strengths. It will improve your ability to express yourself. True, keeping a diary demands commitment, but such commitment can offer rich rewards.—Contributed.

 Tips on Getting Started
◆ Choose a journal that is durable, perhaps easy to carry.
◆ Find a quiet time and a place where you can be alone. Date every entry.
◆ If you miss a few days, do not panic; just pick up where you left off.
◆ Do not criticize your work. Be free, and let the words flow. Record details—do not just generalize.

From the Greek ephemeros, meaning “lasting for one day.”
This article is a reprint that originally appeared Here.

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  1. Wow, this is a wonderful post! Well-researched and truly packed with information regarding the benefits of journal-keeping. I love it! I used to keep journals too and I still have my volumes back home. I've been wanting to take them with me here but they're too many notebooks to pack in my suitcase. But I don't know if I still need them. They've served their purpose well.

    Now, I've turned cyber instead. I have my blog and my instagram to preserve my thoughts and memories.

    Thanks a bunch for this great blog. Have a fantastic Sunday! ((hugs))

    1. Thanks Charlene!
      I am very glad that you like this post... you are my biggest fan and for that, I love you very much :-) It's been busy nowadays for service (Historic Month Ever!)... I'll post some exciting experiences soon (maybe, lol)... I love reading your blog too ate, they're very encouraging and motivating. Thank you so much... Have a nice day din, love you! ((hug you back, very tightly))

  2. love this post! i used to have an diary long time ago , but it was hacked by my mom and my bro! lol i mean its diary and its personal why did u read it! lol after that i stopped it ... now i have my small blog , fun way to share the things i love with ppl around the world :)


  3. btw i d like ur diaries! beautiful covers and the vintage look n the post he china set and the clock!

    1. Thank you dear! Other's garbage is my treasure, lol. That clock is a refuse from one of my dear friend when she moved to a smaller home. She did not want to keep it anymore so I took it home. Glad that you also think it's pretty :-)

  4. oh its me again.... where did u get the one with peacock!? its super gorgeous!

    1. Hi :-)
      I got that peacock notebook from a store in Canada called Winners. I think the equivalent in the US is TJ Max or Marshalls? It's really pretty, all the pages have designs on them and it's also not that expensive :-)

  5. Hello Maya,
    The diaries are very pretty. I especially like the peacock and birdies ones. Your tea set on the tray is lovely. I think I have seen that set somewhere but I can't remember where. It is sure to brighten one's day using it for tea time. The Lavender Rose teacup is a beauty and photographs very well. I have a set of this pattern which came from my mother. Thank you for your post and joining me for Tea Time. Enjoy your day.



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