Baking My Way to a New Adventure

Naturally, when you have a nail art and beauty blog, you would try out new make-up, nail polish or new fashion trend, right?  Well, I kind-off take "trying something new" as the artsy-and-adventure rather than the beauty-and-fashion side.  This is tea related, afterall... And any food that goes with tea, for that matter {which is practically anything, right?} That's my excuse for deviating from nails and beauty hauls into my new adventure - Baking and Cake Decorating ;-)

I'll start of course with a haul.  A big haul!

Look at this trove, treasures unfold.... 
How many wonders can these boxes hold? 

Cookie and flower cutters to make lovely real-life floral cake decorations.  We'll soon find out how close to real-life I could make my "real life" flowers, I guess.  This collection gathers together my old and new baking treasures. They're mostly new.  ;-)

Many moons ago, when I was very new to Canada... {I started out as a live-in nanny for 2 beautiful kids}...

My lady-employer announced we'll be having a cake for the lovely nanny whom I'd be replacing to celebrate a special occasion {no, not her leaving, lol}.  Hmm, exciting. I love cake!  Surprisingly, she handed me a box as she says: "This will make a great cake."  What?  I'm baking the cake?  She must have noticed my big eyes wide open in disbelief that I'm actually baking the cake myself.  "You haven't baked a cake before?  It's easy, just read and follow the instructions."  Okay... I have seen someone else bake a cake before, from scratch... This is a ready mix one, how hard can it be?  Then she adds: "Here's some money. You may buy a can of frosting, there's some food color in the pantry..."

She had some basic icing tips in the pantry, then I made pipes for icing out of ziplock bags.  I made a pretty decent cake, I must say... complete with some lovely borders (hm, if I may say so) and letterings.  Many more decorated cupcakes and cookies came after that in the years that passed.  Not many days go by without me wishing I have a fancy tea-party with my friends.  Once in a blue moon, we actually get to do it.  I suppose, baking had always been an fun activity that was waiting for me to try.  Waiting... waiting...

A few days ago, I came across great cake decorating tool starter sets at the local crafts store.  They were on sale for half-off.  Good deal, I must say.... So, after agonizing over it for a long, long time... leaving the aisle of baking stuff and coming right back to it... I finally got me two different sets... <<Full story here>>

The full modeling tool set from Wilton?  Really?... Yup, I will make cake decorations professional-like... (See me grinning from ear to ear with all my teeth showing? hehehehe...)

We'll find out soon enough where this new adventure will lead to... {In a short while, you might find some cooking and recipe posts in here as well as mishaps and adventures in the kitchen.  Don't worry, I'll have fancy gel-polished nails and painted face while I bake my heart out - or not :-)}

Creativity takes courage... ;-)

What are you looking forward to do in the Fall?  How about in the quiet days of Winter?

I hope you'll have great adventures too... and days full of hope and love.
xoxo Maya

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  1. Looking forward to your sweets! You're inspiring me to bake too, though food-making in whatever form is not in my veins at all. But your enthusiasm in baking makes me want to learn and try harder. I also have cookie cutters similar to yours that I took with me from the Phil. though I've never used them yet. Maybe it's time to try them. This winter maybe?

    1. Hehehe, OO nga ate. After nail polishes, I think I am obsessing about baking right now. I have been baking from the box - cookies and cakes. And then I have this silly idea of making cookies... It started from there, now I am all gungho about cake decorations. I am still about to find out where this would lead... Summer was crazy busy {good busy though} that I think winter will feel really quiet. I will be looking forward to your motivating and encouraging winter posts :-)

    2. I am excited about making flower decorations. I hope they are as easy as they look on YouTube tutorials... lol


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