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These last few days of summer have proved to be truly, truly busy for me.  From hosting friends that visit from faraway, traveling to different cities to fulfill our volunteer work... keeping my own home and getting ready for the winter (yup, we have three chords of firewood to stack... ouch)... And there's also teaching my native language to English speakers who are also volunteers like us... Well, I don't know if these much activities can be summed up in a "nut-shell."  There's just too many things going on right now... It's crazy busy but I am also crazy motivated and happy.

But since it is super busy nowadays, my nails kind of took the second, maybe third place for now.... ewww... lol...  On the plus side, my three week long gel-mani is proving that gel-polish claims are true.  This mani last a long, long time!  I have visible growth showing (three weeks worth!) and a single chip on my left index finger.  Besides that, the mani is still quite perfect!

And on another plus side, I still get new polishes to add to my growing collection.  Hubby gave me a treat for all the hard work these past few days... What a loving hubby eh?   I am not able to try them out as much as I would like too... yet.  On the bright side, I have things to do come cold-season, right?  Oh, part of this treat are three lamps he also bought for me so I can make my own, watchamacallit?  hmmm - Ah! lightbox, lol.... I need to build me that and get me proper bulbs.... I'll figure that out later.

In the meantime, I am collecting many memories with friends and family right now that can be cherished forever... Maybe they can serve as inspirations for nail arts later, who knows?  I hope that you are busy collecting great memories too - or experiences you could learn from.  Either way, it would have been a great summer right?

Here's some addition to my nail polish collection.  These four bottles are, believe it or not, my first OPI polishes ever!  And it came with a very thin brush and chunky glitters...  So that is my excitement in the world of nail art for now.  I got the two liquid sand bottles for $12.99 and the other set with the glitter and brush for $14.99 (Canadian).  Pretty good deal I must say.

How about you?  What have you been up to?  Did you enjoy your summer?  Are you looking forward to winter?

Take care!
xoxo, Maya

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