As The Autumn Days Begin {2014}

What a lovely day indeed.  Though the wind blows hard and unsteady, the sun shines so brightly making an otherwise cold day into a nice, comfortable, beautiful day.

Two days ago was the first day of Autumn this year.  The day was announced by bleak winds and lightly overcast skies that necessitated digging out thick clothing from storage.  "It cannot be put off much longer,"  I told myself as I hesitantly put on a light winter jacket.  Then followed by a weak smile of disapproval: "Oh that just looks silly..." Hence comes a light fall jacket instead.  Regrets came afterwards when it fell short of keeping these little bones of mine warm.  So today I made sure I had the winters on - So glad to be wrong and the day turned out to be so lovely.

Took a little walk along the lake this afternoon... Here and there are bright red leaves that used to be lush greens.  The birds are gathering together.  Are they getting ready to fly down south soon?  'Snow Birds' they are fondly called for they leave the land of cold winters for the warmer 'southern exposure.' Oh I'm so jealous.

The waters down this lake had always been chocolatey - it flows from the famous "Chocolate River" I guess. 

Some trees refuse to change color, holding on to summer... Yet some seem to be more than happy as this bright yellow tree.  I cannot lie, I find this really pretty.  Autumn is such a beautiful season. Though I can't say I'm too fond about the why's behind the change of colors nor about the season that follows.  Nevertheless, while it last, it's surely is a fount of delight.

View beautiful autumn pictures at Centennial Park, Moncton:
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  1. It was indeed a beautiful day despite the wind and chill. Same here. That golden tree is awesome! I also put on a fall jacket and even bought new ones (on sale, half price) but my jacket that day was too light I shivered the whole time. So I started wearing my winter jackets too...hehehe....
    Great post! Love the feel of it!

  2. Our fall began warm and rainy here, but the trees have still turned a beautiful colors! This is my favorite season of the year!

  3. Lovely capture..... Beautiful...:)

  4. beautiful images. fall is arriving here too. I love fall, my favorite time of the year.

  5. I love this time of year! Soon our trees will begin to turn, too.
    Lovely images! Love your Header photo, too!


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