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The Classic French Manicure
Here comes the bride... here comes the bride....
Hello Summer and Hello June Brides!

You've got your man and you're wearing his ring, yahoo!!! Well... Whether you are the bride, bride's maids, mom or friend of the bride... You'd want to look your best for such a very special occasion. So time to plan the perfect dress, your shoes... hair and make-up... and of course, a nice manicure to complete your wedding beauty.  What design would you wear?

The Classic French never goes out of style.  It's not classic for nothing:  It's classy and elegant; it goes along with any outfit and accessories... You would like something that would compliment your ring and dress, right?

Photo Credit: IG @SassyFingers

 A good twist to the Classic French is outlining the smile line with a thin gold or silver glitter depending on the color of your rings.  A glitter gradient would also be very pretty or a very light lace design.  

      The idea is to have something pretty and clean that will not steal the show from your precious ring nor beautiful dress.  Unless you want others complimenting you for your nails instead of dress or your hair (wink ;)

A solid mani of sweet, very sheer color would also be very pretty.  Sometimes less is more...
The girls of your wedding party would look very pretty with a color complementing their dresses.

This shimmery, pale pink will look very pretty with your pearls
and any mix of bouquet.

Here are bride worthy designs to wear at your bridal shower or luncheon...

French mani with thick glitter outlining the smile line.

An extended French with a thin glitter outline on the smile line.
I added the jewelry for more bling.
To complement your ring, you may skip it.

A french of "Crackle Polish" will look like a piece of lace.

Decals and stickers are great for those coveted florals
if neither time nor skill is available to hand-paint them ;)
Another twist to the French Mani
and pretty rosettes ~
Designs that complements your pearls very well.
Nail extensions may not be necessary.
There are super pretty glitter polishes that can be used as a solid mani.
See how this one shines and sparkles?

The best secret is...
No matter what mani you choose for your big day, it will look much better on supple hands and healthy cuticles.  In the next few articles, we will discuss great tips on your way to having happy, wedding ready sassy-fingers ;)

What do you think of these trendy nail art designs for a beautiful, most special day?

For our brides, please accept my warm congratulations and best wishes...  I am sure that the ladies close to your heart are very happy for you too...  
And If you're a lady planning to attend a wedding soon, I hope that you'd also enjoy the fun and excitement that goes along this day...  To all of you, I hope that you enjoyed these designs.


Photo credit:  Blissful Solitary Wanderings


  1. Those are really pretty. Perfect for the prom too.

    1. Thank you Julia! Your comment is highly appreciated :)

  2. Oh my... prettttyyyy!!!!


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