Puprle Please (Cult Cosmetics May 2014 Black Box Review)

Happy Sunday Evening Everyone!

I hope that you had a refreshingly nice weekend. How nice it is to have sunny and warm days... May you have gained new experiences to learn from and new moments to cherish forever...

Today, I want to share with you my experience with my first BlackBox complimentary of Cult Cosmetics (as I posted in my previous post, this was a box I won through their Instagram contest. Wahoo!!!)

1. First Coat
    The photo shows it well, the first coat was streaky and uneven.
    (For the purple, It might have something to do with the brush, scroll down to see ;)

2.  Second Coat
     I achieved a nice even coverage and opacity. It dried up nicely and within just a few minutes. 
     (The bottle is 15 ml, it's easy to hold for a photo ;)

3.  Here are the brushes:
     Just the right bristle thickness for a smooth application.  Took three strokes: starting from the center and then both sides of the nails.)

Sometimes, there's just this wonky-little brush.  I'm sure that this is an exception to the rule... Have it been not complimentary, I would have asked for a different brush.  It made a tricky application, but it still worked.

4. Conclusion
Overall, the polish consistency was great.  Good opacity and full coverage was achieved in two coats - that is the standard polish application anyway, right?

It allowed for great designing (although my freehand chevron clearly needs practice, lol)

I like that it's 5-free...  Love the idea that it's toxin free and that the smell was mild (did not fill the room with chemical-like smells - that's a big plus for me).

I hope you like my simple design for the day using these Cult Cosmetics Colors.  Thank you for reading.  I hope you check my blog often for more polish reviews and nail art.  Check out my Instagram and Facebook page as well if you use those social media platforms...

Have a great, awesome week ahead of you! 
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