Beauty After The Winter Storm

Yesterday, I decided I need some exercise so I walked to work.  For less than an hour walk plus a great view, exercise ain't so bad, right?  I just had to make sure I had the right gear:  boots, gloves, hat and hood, long coat... Nothing is sad when one is warm.

More photos here, please keep reading...

And oh, look!  Nothing stops people from getting their daily walk along the lake;  shoe prints everywhere.


  1. Nothing wrong with a beautiful walk, lovely. Happy Wednesday with love Janice

  2. Well, I think it to be obvious, my darling Maya, while walking you can enjoy such beautiful, wonderful views, you've got so gorgeous landscapes !!
    May your day be lovely, my sweet friend
    with love

  3. Fresh air, the best ! Love the first shot !

  4. Beautiful!!! Looks like a good day for a walk in the snow!


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