Hmm, How about some Rock Star Nail Art?

Hello friends!  How are you today?  I want to thank you for visiting my blog and continuing your support through my blogging-hiatus.  "Thanks!" and here's a big hug...

Winter has definitely arrived where I live {Atlantic Canada}.  We had tons of snow fall over the weekend and the snow is falling beautifully again as we speak (I mean as I type these words, lol ;-)  It's definitely cold outside... but short walks are very refreshing and fun; well, during such walks that different textures and views in nature can be admired.  I tried my best to capture some in the photos below with my rock star nail art.

Look at the fancy texture of this maple tree?  And how about a withered autumn leaf surfacing from being buried in white, sparkling snow?

And looking at the heavens there's barren branches where blue jays could play; a layered texture against the backdrop of a smooth heaven.  Because the leaves gave way to the season, there is now a perfect view to watch those beautiful birds play.

And of course, speaking of nail art...
I combined the smooth and rough texture of a crème finish nail polish to that of a golden glittery nail polish.  I enjoyed the unassuming, natural color of this polish over the weekend {that way, attention wasn't focused on my nails but on more important things... know what I mean? *awkward grin*)  Now I thought of embellishing it with some sparkly mood of glitter.  To make it rock star like, I added the nail art studs.  Did this design work?

With the onset of winter, life is suddenly slow(er) again.  Well, we kind of try to do so many things in the summer, while we can... and now that it's cold and snowy, we have to give way to the season and enjoy the indoors a bit more.  With life getting more relaxed, I found some time to go back to nail arts.  I'd be sharing more designs in the next couple of days, so I hope my friends who fancy nail art are still around here. 

I hope you are happy wherever you are, in the company of all those whom you love.



  1. I think your nails turned out wonderful, can you stop by and do mine please have a wonderful day with love Janice

  2. Your nails are truly stunning, my darling Maya, yours is real art !
    May your New Year be Wonderful
    with love


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