Sunny Days in Winter Nailart

Sunny Days Inspired Easy Nail Art, Pure Ice Nail Polish

My!  My!  It was a long time coming and then we are at the 6th day already of the new year:  2016... How time flew.  How is everyone doing?  I want to thank you all for visiting my blog and continuing your support.  You guys are super awesome! 

Sunny Days Inspired Easy Nail Art, Pure Ice Nail Polish

Today I was trying to set up a filming station for my nailarts - so I could make video tutorials.  I have some ordinary study lamps with white bulbs, my iPhone and a selfie stick... but so far, I had no success.  So let's stick to still photos for now.  {Any suggestions?}

What do you think of this Sunny Days inspired nailart?  Some little pink flowers scattered all over a sunny yellow.  Goes so well with gold jewelries, don't you think?

We've had our share of snow over the last few days and the sun finally came to visit today. I don't mind it photobombing my nail art photos at all! In fact, I wish it would visit often, even when its snowing! (Wait, is that possible? hehe)

I hope you all lots of sunny and happy days with a battalion of loved ones around you.  {Cause you know, nothing is worth it when we don't have loved ones to share them with, right?}

Lot's of Love,



  1. What amazing brightness on your nails, darling Maya, you're truly an artist !!
    In the hope that your new year is off to a wonderful start I wish you a lovely remainder of your week,
    sending love

    1. Thank you so much Dany... You're truly a very kind and sweet person. I hope you have a great day!
      Love, Maya


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