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Water Decal Appliques Nail Art Pretty Nails And Tea Blog

What do you think of this nail art design?
It's shaped like a heart, all my love for you my dear nail art lovers :-)

Ever wish you could paint your nails as lovely as some artist does?  Well, they can paint the Michaelangelo on their little canvasses, their nails... and my, are they ever pretty!!!  But many of us are not that talented.  Thankfully, don't despair, technology had made it so possible to mimic such gorgeous designs so that we can just stick them to our nails and have them looking fabulous in no time.   Please continue reading to see more photos and first impressions.

Water Decal Appliques Nail Art Pretty Nails And Tea Blog

Cons?  what cons? *wink*
So far I don't see things I don't like with this nail art technique.  Please let me babble about the things I like about it :-)

1.  Easy to apply.  I had some nail wraps before where, in order to properly apply the wrap, first it must be warmed up using a hair-dryer... to make it strechaeable.. blah blah... too tedious.  As for water decals, cut, soak in water, then apply... that's it!

2. Instantly beautiful nail art (yup, no painting or drawing talent needed, how awesome is that?  It's works too, for those time when imagination is short.

3.  It's cheap!  I bought 50 different designs (it came as a set) for $5.50 Cad.  If I use one design per week, this nail decals would give me nail art for a year! 

Granted, shipping took forever (almost two months... okay, that's not quite forever, haha)  The product is straight from China, it had to travel the 7 seas to me, hehehe... Hey!  Can't beat the price.

4.  Compared to nail wraps or nail appliques, these water nail decals meld into your polish when top coat is applied.  So it feels just like polish.  There's none of that uncomfortable feeling of some foreign object stuck on your nails!  (At least that's how I see it :D *grin*)

Water Decal Appliques Nail Art Pretty Nails And Tea Blog

5.  Based on #4,  wrinkles during application cannot be avoided.  (See picture below.)  The water nail decals are flat versus the nails have a natural curve.  You'll have to live with these wrinkles for the rest of that nail art design's life if these were nail wraps.  But because nail wraps are a thin film of polish, they smoothen-out when top coat is applied. 

6.  Speaking of cleaning up and shaping the water nail art decal,  just use a brush soaked in polish remover.  Careful now, you wouldn't want to melt the polish design.  This is a lot easier compared to the cutting, filing to shape and wiping out those dust from other nail art appliques.

7.  I applied a base color on this nail art, but turns out, I really didn't have to.  My base color was a minty blue.  This nail art shows no hint of that.  The water decal completely covered up the base color.  Next time, just a base coat would do.  That would cut the drying time even shorter.

8.  Oh yeah!  This mani took a total of 1.5 hours from start to completely dry.
That is short considering I have:
     2 coats of basecoat  (one coat should be okay, I was just nerdy like that, haha)
     2 coats of base color (not needed after all)
     1 firm of water nail art decal
     2 coats of top coat (I think one coat would be enough too... I was just applying top coat as I finished each nail to smoothen out the wrinkles.  Then I felt the need to apply top coat to all the nails once I was done.  It made my process feel complete.  OCD much?)
     and I have been taking pics each step of the way... (some photos didn't turn out well)
     This is also the first time I'm using nail art water decals...

So, are you convinced of the awesomeness of nail art water decals?
Please let me remind you that this are my first impressions, it's my first time using these nail art decals.  I will find out more once I have worn it for a week or so, maybe.  Like how long it will last... things like that...

Water Decal Appliques Nail Art Pretty Nails And Tea Blog

What do you think so far?
Would you give it a try?

Thank you for visiting my blog today and reading this post.  You are awesome dear friend.  Take care now and have a great day. 

Love,  you nail art addicted friend,


Water Decal Appliques Nail Art Pretty Nails And Tea Blog

p.s.  I will be posting a step by step procedure next time.  Take care!

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