A Chinese Tea House in Montreal

Chinese Tea House Montreal Quebec
Chinese Tea House Montreal Quebec

A Chinese Tea House
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Fearing a terrible traffic and a hard mission to find a parking spot downtown, we used the subway trains from St Laurent to downtown Montreal.  From the station, we walked towards the Port {eventually to walk along Old Montreal and China Town}.  On the way, I spotted this Chinese named tea house.  We just finished a hearty lunch so no one was up for more food and tea.  At my pleading, my friends agreed to take a peek with me.  And my! it was beautiful.   It really lived up to it's Chinese name.   I was transported to China!  Really. {Take it from a girl who now lives in a small city in New Brunswick, lol.} 

Seriously, this shop looked like one of those tea and souvenir shops in Hong Kong where a tour group would be taken on one of their touristy stops.  Not one of those westernized Chinese novelty stores, to me everything was authentic.  I looked around in amazement... every single thing was beautiful.  The only thing lacking is a young Chinese girl in her traditional costume, demonstrating Kung Fu tea.   But I figured you could do your own tea ceremony once you order tea as it is served in tiny little Kung Fu tea sets and tray that you can play with on their beautifully carved tables.  Splendid!

Tea?  Who me?  Oh, yes please!
I imagine a lazy afternoon armed with a book or letter writing materials, I would sit there for hours...  How I envy the vast culture present in Montreal.   Although I don't think I could live with the traffic anymore.  Can I just bring this shop home along with me?  lol}

Our budget was limited so I did not buy any from the store.  Although I thought it might be a good opportunity for me to share with you this fine Chinese style tea cup and caddy I got a while ago.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Red Chinese Tea Set
Red Chinese Tea Set

"The traditional floral symbol of China, peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor.  With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune.  Red is the symbol of happiness." ~ Teavana on the Red Peony Tea Set

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  1. How charming the things you write and post here are to me, and the photographs too, I truly feel enchanted by your blog !

    With gratitude I wish you a lovely rest of the week


  2. very nice red cup and caddy :D

    never been to Montreal, would probably end up really lost lol

  3. Thought I would come over and say hello after your visit to my blog some weeks ago.
    I have very happy memories of our trip to Canada in 2008 and the GPS system in our hire car getting us lost in Montreal as it took us through a tunnel, losing the signal at a crucial point!
    Great to have a read of your blog.

  4. Oh how I love these Montreal photos and those dainty teapots! Just like you, I am a tea lover Miss Maya :) I love coffee but I'll always choose my cup of tea in a heartbeat! Wishing you all the best this October!

    Mabuhay mula sa ating Pilipinas!

  5. Your collection of tea cups is wonderful! This vivid red really pops.


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