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"Jardin Secret, Dora Papis"
- A happy anniversary gift.

How time goes by so fast... "Times flies," we hear quite often. Sometimes tomorrow comes slowly, as if a day we look forward to the most would never come... and then when we look back, there it is already, "Has it been that long?  It surely doesn't feel like it."  Oh dear! It is indeed, it's been eight years since I got married to a lovely man, it only felt like yesterday...

There's no event I look forward to the most than our wedding anniversary.  Well it's a reminder of that day of love, of laughter... shared by friends and family, when two hearts vow to be one for as long as they live together on earth. What more can be as dreamy?  I rejoice when I see people celebrating their anniversaries.  Fairy tales would always say: "And they lived happily ever after..." on that beautiful wedding bliss.  Reality is far from it though, isn't it?  In this world we live in today.  It may take a great deal of effort to make a marriage work.  The wedding day isn't an ever after day but just the beginning... Regrettably, breaking this ever beautiful vow is becoming quite a norm.  Everything seems disposable - even marriage.  Happily, there are many who give it their best and let it work until, what do we call it?  Ah, "Till death do us part."

It is not easy.  A great deal of effort is needed to maintain that close bond of love with each other.  But as our God instituted this sacred arrangement, he also provided tools to help us be successful at it.  When I got engaged to be married, a few friends and I were in the car on our way to make friendly visits with our neighbors.  We can't help but talk about the upcoming wedding, of course.  Then our older friends who had been married for 45 years said, ""As my first gift to you, when you go home, look through your library for the article entitled: "How to Survive Your First Year of Marriage.""  I thought he was joking.  After all, he gave a cute chuckle after he said that... But I kept it in my heart since then.  And it was the first thing I showed dear Fiance afterwards.  Oh, that article turned out to be a gem!

Now, as the years pass by, a "happy anniversary" reminds me not only of that beautiful, dreamy day but of each and every day that passed by until now... and the days still to come. How lovely the memories we have collected - through the great times and the bad.  Yet here we are... I hope that each and everyone out there who come across this post, whether married or contemplating to be married, ever work hard to make their union as it truthfully should be -  a very happy lifetime union between two people who love each other no matter what.

More examples that helped us maintain a happy marriage until now and hopefully for many, many more years to come can be found here: {HELP FOR COUPLES AND PARENTS.}

How about you?  What anniversary event in your life do you most look forward to every year?

I hope you will enjoy looking through some of those articles and may they help with your family as well.  In the meantime, here is a lovely tea set I received as a wedding anniversary gift, a reminder of this very precious day.  How gorgeous is this?

Tea Set Details
Name/Producer: Jardin Secret, Dora Papis  
Set Includes: Tea Pot, Covered Sugar Bowl and Ceramic Spoon, Creamer Pitcher, matching melamine tray
Bought from: Bowring Canada
Notes: Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

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  1. Well said! We are on our 42nd year of marriage, and hope for many more. I am married to my best friend! I love your teaset! Just gorgeous! So cheery and pretty. Thanks for sharing with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

    1. Congratulations on your 42nd anniversary, oh that is truly exciting for me to hear. How wonderful it is that you are married to your best friend, that is the best :-)

  2. Hi Maya,
    Your Jardin Secret tea set and tray are the mates to my two tiered plate stand. It is such a pretty pattern adorned with flowers and script. I have a Lavender Rose set too. This is a lovely posting and I like your attitude towards marriage. Like you, I believe in forever. Too many couples today throw their marriage away like it was garbage and if there are children involved then that is especially sad. Thank you for joining me for tea and have a beautiful day.


    1. Thank you for stoping by Sandi and I truly appreciate your comment. I love to see that tiered place and lavender tea set... If youve posted it, may I have the link please? :-) Thank you.

  3. Hi Maya... Yes we are blessed indeed if we find our soulmate and best friend... I have just celebrated 42 years..with your wonderful attitude you will catch up soon and still feel the same love... It's truly a gift from God. Your sweet Jardin teaset is so refreshing and happy which reflects you...LOVELY.!!!! .Enjoy your anniversary...hugs

    1. Thank you very much Zaa, there is nothing more I wish for than for Hubby and I to reach as many years as you have... {I loved your new post: All we need is love...} I agree very much. Thank you for dropping by and leaving me such an encouraging note.

  4. Happy Anniversary! And you received such a lovely set as a present :)

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