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The Tea Party
~Jessica Nelson North

"I had a little tea party
This afternoon at three.
'Twas very small-
Three guests in all-
Just I, myself and me.

Myself ate all the sandwiches,
While I drank up the tea;
'Twas also I who ate the pie
And passed the cake to me."

The Tea Cup {or should I say, Mug, hehehe}
Today, I am featuring not a vintage tea cup, it's more on the convenient yet classy side.  I say convenient as I can easily steep the tea on the cup using the stainless steel infuser that came with it. A nice lid covers the tea liquor as it steeps to keep it warm.  The flowers and the butterflies are so pretty, it's a constant reminder of spring... Then, it goes in the ever dependable dishwasher. Wohoo!

In a lovely circle of gratefulness...
Hubby works in the claims department of a certain auto and home insurance company.  With the tremendous amount of snow we received in the last winter here in eastern Canada, you might guess how terribly busy he and his coworkers were.  Their manager had been very supportive to them.  So hubby initiated a gift basket for her.  Everyone chipped-in, they put it together, had a brief inspiring speech... Touched by their appreciation, she cried...

A few weeks later (busy, busy...) Hubby came home with this delicious, homemade oatmeal-choco-balls. It came with a card ~ a thank you for the "thank you" gift their manager had received earlier.  Ever loving hubby brought it home to his 'beautiful wife' (me, hehe) to enjoy together.

It's such a great feeling to be valued, right?
May we always value others first.

Gratefulness is one of the secrets to have contentment in our lives. Please read about the other secrets here.    See you next week for another Tea Time chat.
Sincerely, Maya

"In showing honor to one another take the lead."

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  1. Heartwarming! A thoughtful gesture begets an equally thoughtful gesture.

  2. What a pretty butterfly mug, and I LOVE your cute tea poem! Perfect! And I'd not hesitate for a tea for one with your setting! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. What a special lidded mug with the butterflies! Your beautiful bouquet of soft hued flowers is a lovely touch! The boss it gret person to so kindness to your husband! Have a wonderful week!

    Take care, Pam

  4. Great mug! I love mugs with the strainers ... easy! One kindness leads to another. Lovely! Happy Tea Day!

  5. What a lovely tea party for one! Tea is also enjoyable from pretty mugs like yours!


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