Stechcol Bone China from Gracie {Maine USA Shopping Trip}

Stechcol Bone China from Gracie
Going to TJ Maxx is one of my highlights the last time I went to Maine.  That's why I was looking forward to visiting it again on this weekend trip that hubby and I took.  This store made me feel like a girl in a candy store, this is my kind of toy-store :-)  As always, I bee-line into the kitchen and living-room area whenever I go to the stores.  Imagine the prince's face, his feelings, when he saw Cinderella come down the stairs with her super elegant ballroom gown?  I think I felt like that when I saw these tea-cups.  My oh my!!!! It's crazy, I know!

I got 5 different colors (2 of the pink set)

Stechcol Bone China from Gracie
Stechcol Bone China from Gracie
What do you think of these tea cups?
Which one is your favorite color/design?

The prices are very reasonable - $6.99 tea-cup-and-saucer each set.  They are made with bone china and the floral designs are so pretty.  These peonies reminds me of Miranda Kerr's Collection from Royal Albert {which makes me drool but I cannot afford those, not now anyway...} 
Even without the butterflies and the gold gilding these are just as pretty... These will serve well for everyday use.

I spent a half-day in this store and I would have spent the whole day in it if time permitted {That included trying out dresses and shoes... lol} Next time I travel to Maine, I would visit TJ Maxx again for sure :-)

Stechcol Bone China from Gracie

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