Old Country Roses Tea Cups {Made in England, Made in Indonesia}

Earlier, I posted about my Royal Albert Old Country Roses Tea Pot Set and I mentioned I would love my one and only Old Country Roses Tea Cup to have a partner to complete a tea for two... Wishes do come true.

Now I have two sets of tea cups from this classic, never fading design from Royal Albert.  I bought one from an estate liquidation on e-bay ($32.00 Cad) while the other one was bought from Home Sense ($16.99 Cad) {Canadian Department Store} just recently. Can you guess which one is the new, which one is the old?

If you said that the one at the bottom is the new one and the one on top is the antique, you are right.  Notice the difference in the gold gilding and the hues of the floral decorations?  In person, the difference is quite observable.  The antique tea cup was made in England, newer productions of this line is now being made in Indonesia.  I'm guessing that's where this tea cup was made as there was no mention of "made in..." on the bottom stamp.  Nevertheless, they are equally pretty.  And unless you stare meticulously at their every detail like I did, I bet no one could tell the difference.  At least my hubby says so, lol....

There is a very informative article on e-bay about How to Buy Royal Albert Old Country Roses, I read about his discussion regarding the back stamps and how it can tell where the items are made.  That's how I guess my newer tea cup is made in Indonesia...

I would love to read about your Tea Cup Collection.  Please do comment the link below so I could visit your blog as well.

xoxo, Maya

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