Day Dreaming | An Afternoon Walk to an Antique Shop {Part 1}

Notice the "Sorry We're Closed" sign on the bottom left of the photo?  I feel sad because it seems like this store is perpetually closed (everytime I have the chance to go there at least, it's closed *sad face*).  Wishing I could go in, I stared at the goods displayed on their window. It gave me the idea of snapping photos.  Aren't these goodies so pretty?  If only I could have touched them, haha! So I did a little click here and there, at least I have something to take home with me.  {And it worked out well for sharing in my blog! Yippee!}

This adventure wasn't planned at all.  My 75 year old friend whom I regularly visit was specially restless today.  So I though a nice long walk would ease her giving her a nice adventure for the day.  To change our usual walk-along-the-lake route, I thought of going the other way and see "what trouble we can get into," as she calls it... "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" is another of her favorite expressions.

We visited four shops today... after staring at the windows of Leon's Antique shop, we went inside the French cafe just beside it.

In my spare time {or mostly my head just spares the time anytime}, I dream about having my own tea room or a cafe.  My family had been in the food service for many years now {back in the Philippines.}  I enjoyed the few times I helped in wedding plannings and being a waitress at receptions before I went away to work abroad.  Hmm, maybe that's why I enjoy entertaining at our home often (I use that as an excuse too for collecting tea cups and the like, haha!)... Hence yes, a cafe or tea room would be so nice.

Every aspect of this cafe was so pleasing to me.  They used reclaimed wood for their tables and mix-matched old chairs.  On one wall was a reclaimed french door turned into a wall mirror, lovely... on the other, the whole wall was turned into a chalkboard where they write their daily specials.  The waitress prepared our bill on an old sewing machine table turned into desk.  Before this, I would have dismissed these things to be old and shabby. Nothing changed much except that I now think it's shabby chic {Shall I say, now I realize what that truly means, lol}.  I decide to save our white wine empties in the future and use them to serve water at dinners just like they do in this french cafe. That way, I can scratch off water pitchers in my shopping list, haha!  Of course, while I sit there enjoying my masala chai tea with my friend, the combination of the antiquish decorations and shabby chicness makes my mind drift into my own "imaginary cafe"...

La Louche in the Winter, image from
How about you?
What do you mostly dream about?

Coming up, more on the other antique shops my friend and I visited on our small antique-hopping afternoon walk.

See you soon!  I hope you have a nice day...
xoxo, Maya

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  1. It looks like a lovely spot....I dream of my own gardens all finally designed and installed and a garden business....

  2. How disappointing Maya that you could only window shop at this store, I'm sure there were more tea treasures within. Oh well, the fare at the French cafe next door looks like it helped make the day a good one.
    I used to think I'd like my own tea room but will continue to be happy serving tea and scones to friends at home.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  3. What a lovely place. I'm sorry that it was closed, and seems always to be so, but then again, you no doubt saved yourself some money which should make you feel quite virtuous. ;-)

  4. Oooh, I would have loved to have a closer examination of the purple teacups in Leon's antique shop. Hope that one day, you get to visit the shop when it's opened!

  5. Those treasures in the window would have been calling to me too. Hopefully you will find it open next time. The cafe was a treat however by the looks of things. It's lovely that you and your friend get to enjoy these outings together. I have dreamed of having a tea shop as well, Maya. Unfortunately, life {ill health} got in the way and now I'm happy just doing what I do; blogging and entertaining friends.
    Thank you for sharing your post with us and joining me for tea. Have a lovely week.


  6. wonderful place to stumble late step-father used to call those things "following your nose" and he would take the grand kids out.

  7. Hi Maya...I could have spent a great deal at that shop! Maybe next time. The tea shop looks like a perfect solace though. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  8. The teaset with the blue and burnished orange looks wonderful. I think the cafe was very cute and sunny! So glad you shared.


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