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 "Sunshine, friends and laughter always welcome."

In blog hopping last Tuesday {thanks to link shares from other kind and talented bloggers}, I was introduced to many beautiful ladies with love for tea, flowers and nature.  And their pictures and experiences are just inspiring. I found such keen delight in them that I was often simply mesmerized by some of the photos and imagining myself there, sipping from that lovely tea cup or savoring those mouthwatering, delectable foods. 

One such place made it into my bucket list {uhuh, I just started one, lol... to dream is free right?}  Thanks to Ruth of Antiques and Tea Cups, I was introduced to this ever so dreamy tea heaven somewhere in London.  That is a long ways from where I live but thanks to Ruth, I traveled comfortably through her eyes. 

Look at this fancy display of loose tea leaves!
Photo from Tina Wong of The Wandering Eater.

There are so many things to see in the world, so much adventure is out there waiting to be discovered.  {I suspect my bucket list will only get longer from here, lol} I resolve that money must not prevent us from enjoying and understanding these, but in reading we may find and learn about them. Until someday, we just might make it there. Just might... Never stop dreaming, right?  Never stop hoping?


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