My "Roman Holiday" Manicure :)

     I was dreaming of a trip to Europe, particularly Rome.  My mother in law suggested that I watch "Roman Holiday."  It's a black and white movie but it shows a lot of Rome.  I was quite hesitant at first but I gave in.  Frankly, it was hubby who doesn't want to get the movie for me to watch, but he gave in, lol...  And it was thoroughly enjoyable! Yes, I did not grow up in the West so I was not very familiar with Audrey Hepburn.  Now, I am.  And I'm totally hooked on the idea of going to Rome. (And here you thought it was about Audrey Hepburn?  Could be... {wink} ;)

     The story was so sweet and quite cute, I was inspired to pull out my nail art set and paint my nails while watching the movie.  I wanted something girly, cheerful, with some elegance.  So I made a design out of gold glitter, coral polish and of course, white flowers. 

And here are the materials that I used:

      The trip to Rome I have been dreaming about is soon to be a reality.  It's on my mind lately.  Every time I see this design on my photos, "Rome" comes into my head... So, I thought of recreating it.  Wanted to make a video too, I did actually... but my filming and video editing skills eludes me right now.  I can't seem to finish the video.  One of these days maybe... haha! But here are some photos of the nail art design anyway... I hope you like it.

     Let's start with Julep's VIVIEN and ALICIA. I really love these polishes!  VIVIEN is a combination of chunky and very fine gold glitter in a shimmery polish.  It reminds me of the riches and elegance of a lovely princess. I like the mix of glitter sizes, that adds dimension to the design.  And ALICIA is a very girly and carefree, cheerful color. Just like the playful, adventurous side of a girl :)  Oh well, I'm quite biased as coral is my favorite color and I'd like to think that I'm girly, haha!

With Flash Photo

Without Flash
     A girl's life is never complete without flowers, right? hehehe... (that's a very un-girly giggle...)  So I added a bunch of white flowers and golden dots...  what do you think?

   We are going on a Cruise, really!  Our boat disembarks from Rome so we'll be flying there 3 days early to see the city a little and have my very own "Roman Holiday". And about the cruise? I am excited to see some parts of Europe as well. It would be my first time ever to travel there.  Wiiiihhhhh! 

     This is a dream that I never thought would come true.  When I was a young girl, I dreamed of going to where "Anne of Green Gables" came from, is that place familiar to you?  Never thought it would happen.  But it did!  Now something greater I have not even thought of is here...  Life is really full of surprises, huh?  I have to say, this trip will not be possible without the help of my lovely mother in law.  Thank you ever so much.  And of course, my dear loving husband who works hard for us.  "Oh I dearly love you...."

    Have you been to Rome?  Or on a cruise?  What's your most favorite part? Or what's your most favorite vacation?

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  1. That sounds like a very exciting trip! Enjoy!


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