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Crochet pattern-writing is a craft I'd really like to be better with.  That involves designing of course, this I have to work on. *wink*  Surely, there are so much more to learn.  Daily, I find new stitches, new techniques.... and the design choices are endless.  Truly, there are many, many talented artist out there. One day, I would like to be included in their ranks. Hoping, ever hoping, that one day, my blog will be as good as theirs. 

That involves posting USEFUL material, right?  Understanding that for a crochet pattern to be useful, I should, not only be able to convey the design in photos, but also give out clear instructions that can easily be followed by others.  In the hopes to fulfill this, I have been working on patterns from books, magazines and from fellow bloggers, studying how they make their patterns as I translate their written ideas into tangible results.

For example: The two photos here are of Amigurumis that I crocheted using patterns published in the book: "Crochet, One Skein Wonders"  The patterns were very easy to follow and I highly recommend them.  The pattern made perfect sense to me, as I browsed through the instructions, I was already able to imagine how I would be working on the toy.  That's how I knew, I would be able to follow through and crochet it. 

The first photo is of a cat and dog, the one below is of a rabbit.   I tweaked the pattern for the bunny ears, below, as a beginning to my pattern-writing attempts. You may play on the colors of course, that's what I did.  {Actually, I worked on what yarns I had available... :D }  I was not able to find safety eyes at the store so I used beads.  Sewed them really good and tight, so that kids would not be able to pry them out no matter how hard they try, lol...  I think that these patterns are examples of a well-written pattern.  Someday, I wish to write pattern for cute amigurumi's such as these. :-)

Recently, I discovered Craftsy {Okay, those ads that appear on the right side of my blog showed an ad for this site... that's how I found out, hehe} Craftsy offers coursers on just about anything craft related.  I saw a snippet about "signs to look for in a good patter."  After toiling on the idea for a few days, I finally enrolled in the class.  Here are some of the things I learned.

Signs to look for in a well-written pattern:
 1.  Read through the pattern and see if it makes sense:  Is it too chatty? Or is it too short and lacking in important details?

2.  Does it give information on the size and finished measurements of the project?
     This includes information on the Gauge (vertical and horizontal measurements per certain amount of stitches.)

3.  Does it contain information about the yarn, hook and other materials used?

4.  As for the abbreviations used:  Are they consistent, common, and understandable?

5.  How about the format of the pattern?  Is it easy to read?
     If the pattern is made available digitally, it may be easy for the reader to enlarge the fonts so as to make it easier to read.  Consider, though, if the reader can only have access to a printed copy.

Another great reminder for one who writes the pattern is:  
Check and edit to make sure that pattern is accurate. (Good tip huh?)  

Here's an example of a well-written pattern, where all the elements mentioned above is fulfilled. (Crochet pattern is from the Crochet! Magazine Sprng 2015 issue (Shh, please don't tell them I posted this, hehehe).  The abbreviation details are provided in a separate page in the magazine.) 

You know what I am going to do next... go back on the patterns I have written before and Check, and Edit... (giggles)  With the help of these tips, and maybe many more I can find as I scour the internet, I wish to write more patterns in the future that may strike your interest.  Wishing to translate ideas into easy to follow instructions is not as easy as I imagined it would be... but for someone who enjoys the process, this is an adventure indeed.  The challenge is invigorating and the accomplishment give a certain sense of fulfillment.  If you wish to write a pattern yourself, I hope that there tips would be helpful to you.  If you have any more tips and techniques as to making a well-written pattern, please do share on the comments below.  I appreciate any help I could get. 

Is there a certain activity that you find encouraging and motivating?

Crochet is truly enjoyable.  Hours go by and I don't even notice it.  It leaves no room to dwell on any negatives thoughts.  On the other hand, care must be taken so that time isn't stolen from more important things. Well, I do play audio books or watch nice shows while hooking... so... that helps the mind meditate on important and pleasant things.  This is the website I frequently visit for wholesome, very informative materials that is worth meditating on -

What other things do you do while crocheting/knitting or crafting?

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  1. Wow, they're so, so cute! And you're so clever to make them and their patterns!
    I usually multi-task, pls. don't ask what....hehehe.... At night, while hubby and I watch tv programs, I do paper-crafting, or crocheting a little.


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