DIY Glitter Polish (For some winter pick-me-up.)

I've fallen in a little bit of a rut this winter, unfortunately, and I didn't care about polish and fancy manicures very much.  That's bad because I totally am in love with pretty, well polished nails.  

I loooove my wood-fireplace more this winter I guess, specially cause it also had an upgrade :) Reading and writing some letters beside it's warmth is quite comforting.  Then I look at my dry cuticles and charcoaled finger nails... oh, doesn't that make me feel sad :(  Something needs to be done, fast!

I forced myself to some creativity mode and made a DIY glitter polish.  Using some glitters from the dollar store, an old eye-shadow and a top coat, i concocted a perfect hue of pretty-in-pink glitter polish.  Here goes...

Pink glitter, who could be sad now, huh? :D


What do you think?

It did the trick... I felt a sense of pretty-fulfillment later on and a lot of cheer... hee hee... It's also quite noteworthy that since this manicure is loaded with glitter, it also cleaved to my nails quite well, lasting for a week without chips! Talking about durability :)

A generous amount of top-coat is needed to soften the roughness of the glitter.  But not necessary if you like that texture.  I prefer the smooth side, that's why...

The only thing about not having the right kind of polish base is, all the glitter settles into one part of the polish.  I fear that all the glitter there will end up drying and become unusable.  I read that a 'suspension lacquer base" is the way to go if taking the DIY glitter polish seriously.  But for a seldom kick of creativity, it's a very good deal.  It made me feel like a scientist trying to do a science experiment, it was a nice way to lighten up the day.


I am thinking: Another alternative could be - mixing the suitable glitters into a tiny bowl and dipping your fingers into the dry mixture after applying a generous top-coat.  That, instead of mixing the glitters directly into the top-coat. 

This will create a few bowls of dry glitter mixtures  rather than sedimented bottles of nail polish :(
I'm gonna try this next time ;)

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