"Sand Dolla Make You Holla" ~ Pretty In Pink, Hearts Nail Art Design

China Glaze: "Naked" and "Sand Dolla Make You Holla"

My first China Glaze polishes. Wahoo!  And by the way, my first time using textured polish as well.

I combined "Naked" the nice, girly pink and "Sand Dolla Make You Holla" textured polish from the Sea Goddess collection, the creamy white, light glitter polish.  Combined some iridescent heart glitters and white flowers to complete a dainty, pretty-in-pink design.

It is recommended not to use topcoat on the textured polish to preserve it's nature.  Since I added the heart glitter pieces however, i needed something to make it stick and make it stable.  So I added two coats of topcoat.  {The textured polish kind-off intimidated me as well, not quite used with a grainy feel on my nails yet.  This is another reason :D) But everything turned out pretty, so I'm not complaining :)

I think it looks very well with one of my favorite mugs too :)

What do you think about this design?
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