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A Pinay's Diary

How did you get up there???

A Pinay's Diary

Would you like to try this?

A good friend of mine was visiting from Toronto this past long weekend.  As you can imagine, we showed her around. We had a lot of adventures in a short time. A Pinay's DiaryFor now, I'll show you about Treego. Treego is located at the Centennial Park in Moncton, NB.  It's composed of obstacle courses, swinging logs, zip-lining, tight-rope walking, Tarzan swinging and others.  There are four courses: Green, Blue, Red and Black.  Each one is more difficult than the last.  All of these are amidst trees in a forest-like environment.
A harness is belted around the body and it is attached through carabiners in a tight rope overhead.  It keeps us safe and alive.  The guides in the park are very strict and they make sure that these are always used and connected properly.  If they spot you above ground with both carabiners on hand, they take you down and you are done for the day... Hey, you're safety's at stake, you know?  Then you can set out for the adventure...  Ahhh?  Is this extreme sports?!? :D
A Pinay's Diary
Training and orientation ~ how to use the equipment, et al.
A Pinay's Diary
Some obstacle courses are similar to this ~ Swinging Logs
This adventure is not for the weak willed and those afraid of heights.
(I'm sticking my tongue and looking at you with silly face, hihi :p )
A Pinay's Diary
Now the real thing...
This is the first and the shortest ladder in the whole course.

A Pinay's Diary
Tight rope walking with some obstacles.
This part is preeeetty easy :)

A Pinay's Diary
Hanging planks.
It starts with the comfortable distance of a step,
then the planks go further from each other as you reach the center.
I think this is one of the easiest.

A Pinay's Diary
More Tight Ropes.
This one's easy too :)
Most really use the tight rope overhead as a support and
most of the body weight is centered on the arms.
That's what I did the first time and it left me very sore.
On the successive tried, I learned to trust my harness more,
giving-up some of my weight to it. ;)

A Pinay's Diary

Dear Kimchi says, "I'm scared, I want my mommy..." lol... This is really hard and scary, true.  But it's also quite fun.  You need a lot of upper body strength and you must not be scared of heights.  I conquered a lot of fear doing this.  Kimchi and I were among the last group of tree-climbers that day.  We were the last of that last group.  So when she stopped after the third course, I debated continuing on.  Should I leave my tourist friend waiting for me on the ground?  Am I brave enough to do it alone?  It's quite a strenuous course. I knew that the third course have those really cool zip-lines though.  And my friend offered to take pictures.  The conflict was quickly resolved.  I decided to go on and finish the third course and leave the black course (the hardest one) for next time.... Don't feel bad dear, 1/3 of all the visitors give up after the second course as well. And that's 300-400 visitors a day in the summer! The height is quite scary at the beginning.  But the adventure and the view makes it all worth it.  

A Pinay's Diary

A Pinay's Diary

A Pinay's Diary
As I stand on one of the highest platforms, all I could hear are the leaves moving with the wind, birds and some animals.  It was almost eerie.  I noticed that there wasn't the usual fear I feel though.  Either I yell out "Guide, guide, guide" and I'm done... yup, they come to rescue me and lower me down from any point of the course or.... I keep going.  I felt some sort of determination to finish in that time of solitude.  As I looked at the Tarzan rope, my nemesis, I took a deep breath, checked my life-lines one more time and jumped!  That was easy :)  I used to count 1,2,3 many times before I finally jump... After I finished the second zip-line, I heard a noise from the first zip-line.  Ngee, I was almost scared 'till I saw the guide flying through, "It's just me" he yelled... "It's good to have company,"  I said... No more eerie feeling.  See, it's truly safe... I finished three courses... will save the black course for next time... maybe when hubby can join.  There's a 'spider web' there that's really hard for me :)  well, you can cheat and walk the rope instead, but where's the fun in that? hahaha...
A Pinay's Diary
I think that I did this course about 3 or 4 times in total now.  That doesn't make it any easier and the adventure doesn't diminish.  After all, there's about a year gap in between each time I did it.  I can say, you really conquer a lot of fear when you finish this course.  Your hands will be sore from climbing and holding on the tight rope very tightly  but it may give you the motivation you needed to start that long schemed diet and fitness routine.  Thinking, "maybe next time I do this, I'd have better endurance and lesser weight..." Okay, that's me thinking out loud (wink).  I conclude that Autumn is the best time to do it.  The weather's cool and comfortable.  There are no bugs!  And how about the great, vibrant view of the trees?  Yes, the body will be sore the next day.  Two days after and I'm still sore.  But it was still quite fun!  It's a something enjoyable to do when you come to Moncton :)
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