The Summer Breeze at Bennett Lake

Summer passed by like a breeze.  Time went by so fast...

It was a really great summer though.  Hubby and I hosted many friends in our humble home and showed them around our little town.  The favorite destination is, of course, the Fundy National Park.  O, this park is so vast that it's not possible to see everything in just one day!  Our first group of visitors came to Fundy twice and saw different spots in two separate days.  There are also many things to try out like horseback riding or kayaking.  First, let me show you Bennett Lake.

This lake is great for stop-overs, before and after long hikes, just to rest those tired feet.  One may sit or lay down on the grass.... some choose the picnic tables.  It's a great spot for a large gathering of friends and family or even solitude.  This is a popular area in the summer as you can go and take a dip in the cool water.  Children are free to play safely as there are clearly marked swimming areas.  That is what I love most about this place.  I bring a book with me and while others are busy kayaking or skipping about, I can have a leisurely, relaxed time.

For a wanderlust-tourist, this is also a great stop to pose and take pictures :)

Or purchase a a day permit to fish and after enjoying some paddling, rest and let down your bait for an unsuspecting lunch.  This is something I'd like to try someday :D

The waters are very serene.

And the environment is quiet in the late afternoon.

But when we have visitors from other places, they would want to go and see as many sites as possible, right?

So after an hour or so of kayaking and racing with friends....  we set out again on another area of the park.
A piece of me went back to my childhood  when I did Kayaking for the first time.
I remember those days when my sister, cousins and I are sent to the provinces to spend our summer off school. Ilocos was our most favorite vacation.  We stayed very close by the beach so we were there every singe day.  We all turned out like charcoal at the end of it, fully burnt by the sun.  We enjoyed just laying on the beach, walking through the rocky shore and collecting shells... or riding a bamboo-raft (balsa). 

We would pretend that we were in a sailing ship...
"All aboard!!!" my aunt-captain would yell. "Aye" we would all reply.  Then the raft moves as we dig that long bamboo pole into the sand and push the raft into the water.  The sea bed will be full of weeds that can be very prickly.  Rocks under the sea were also very sharp.  None of us were swimmers, really.  So when we spot a clear sea bed, white sand and not too deep, "Swimming area spotted!  Lay down the anchor!!!" our dear aunt-captain would call out.  And one by one we would jump into the water. 

The waters were so clean, 5 feet deep and you could see the sea bed crystal clear!
And how it sparkles under the sun's rays.
Ah, those were good old days...

You can scream or yodel here and hear the echo reverberate in the mountains.  It's quite fun.  You can let those stress out of your lungs ;)

We counted 1,2,3 and screamed all-together.  Laughter drowned out the echoes.  It did not defeat the purpose, I think, because we did enjoy it a lot.

The downside is, we might have scared all the animals away... there goes our chance of seeing a deer or a moose... or a frog... even the tiny fishes and squirrels scurried away from us... :)

Four times in less than three months I was in Fundy.  But I would gladly come back here anytime... wouldn't you?  Haven't been here in the spring nor in the winter yet... I wonder how that would be like...

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