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"Mid-February, shouldn't be so scary..."  a part of the "Over You" song goes...  Well, this month is very special for me.  Not only am I getting another year older, something more special is also happening.  After many, many years... being separated by oceans, many miles apart, I am finally reunited with my parents.  Now I have a crochet buddy, haha!

Mama saw my stash of yarn and immediately picked up a ball and a crochet hook.  She started playing with that string and turning it into a very nice doily.  I was inspired and I copied her design to make this hat.  This is my first hat.  And it's an original pattern too! {Well, copied from my Mom. That can be forgiven, right?  I still count it as original, lol...}

I love that the back looks like a flower, and then it expands and blooms... And the rim is like a nice headband that holds itself securely on the head.  And of course, the flower is just gorgeous, so elegantly girly. What do you think of this design?

Winter seems to be never ending sometimes.  It is a good thing that besides reading, I developed this crocheting skill.  It's a great way to pass the time - while the snow falls generously from the heavens, the fire crackles to give us warmth, I play a nice audio-book from jw.org, and away I crochet... hook after hook after hook... Sometimes I don't notice the time until, "the audio is done already?"
{By the way, isn't audio-books an awesome invention?  I thank those who put these together... I can crochet and read at the same time, beat that... lol}
Okay, I do have mixed emotions about winter.  As you could tell from this pictures, I love taking pics with the snow on the background.  Truth be told, day light is great for pics... but there is also a certain romance from the pile of super white fine powder on the ground that is now accumulating close to our roof tops! hehe...  I love watching the snow fall from my window.  Yes, I stay inside where its warm. As beautiful as it may be, I still prefer the lovely, warm days... Spring and Autumn are the best!  While winter lasts though, I take as many pics as I can....

Here's me again, blowing you some kisses from my snow filled home.
Here's my papa and I goofing around the snow on last Sunday's snow storm.
I think having a nice warm hat is essential to lasting longer outside the house.  I wanted it to have a nice springy look as I look forward to that lovely season.  So I chose pink...  I also added a flower, my favorite design at that... to enhance the femininity pink.  To top all that is an antiquish, crystal button in the middle of the flower.  That makes the whole thing more elegant.

The pattern for the flower is available here.
Would you like a written-pattern for this lovely pink hat?

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  1. How wonderful for you and your parents to be together again. Your hat is lovely, happy crocheting with your Mom.

    1. Thank you very much Linda. Yes it is very nice to have my parents finally. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. You are very sweet :-)

  2. Your hat is pretty, love the flower on the side.
    Would you mind adding a link back to my blog for Mosaic Monday when participating please?

    1. Hi Judith, sorry I missed that link. I truly meant to put the link in the post and I corrected this right away. I also have your link on my side-bar :-) Thank you for hosting Mosaic Mondays and I truly appreciate being a part of it.

    2. Thank you for adding the link Maya and joining the party at Mosaic Monday.

  3. Nice design! Galing din palang mag-crochet mama mo! This is another heartwarming post.


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