Pretty Nails and Tea

    Each of my days start and end with a cup of tea. A rejuvenating, stimulating blend in the morning I like to call "wake-me-up" tea, then a relaxing, soothing one in the evening I love to call "sleepy" tea.  Then anytime in between, for any reason at all.... there's tea!  Before I do my toe and finger nails-routine, I also make sure that I have a comforting cup of tea, mostly a blend of floral and fruity flavors.  The floral tones provide a relaxing feeling, while the fruity flavors seem to enhance my creativity.  So there you go, relaxed clarity equals productivity (for me at least...)

     These are my passions at the moment - nail polish and tea.  Pretty sure I have made many of my friends happy by hosting a couple of tea parties in the past, nail art themed :)   What a pampering delight!  Their tummies are warmed by teas of different kinds and origins while they stare with great pleasure at their beautifully polished nails! It's suppose to be a design your own nail kind of party but most of the time, that would be me doing it, hahaha.  Oh well, the pleasure is mine.

     Two simple things in my life, I'd say. But no, not a token journey.  Each has a story to tell, each holds a special place.  There are moments when I hold a cup of tea with both hands and savor the delightful aroma of steeped leaves and wish I am able to share it with the best girls in my life.  (Yeah, that's you Mama, dear Baby-sis and one-and-only niece who lives many, many miles away...) Even when I paint my nails pretty.  My memories would traverse years of being away from home back to that sweet spot in our old home, sitting by the floor with my Mama as she painted my nails pink and gave each finger a silver quarter moon to finish... Ahh... I tell you, pretty nails and tea are bridges from my heart to my far away home. 

     So here it goes, a narrative-review type of a tale brought to you to recount memories of Pretty Nails and Tea while crossing new horizons to the ever expanding world of new product ideas and blends nowadays.  Please join me in this dramatic.... uhmmm I'm getting carried away, haha... Oh well, hope you join me in this nail art design and tea memento.  You'll also find reviews and storytelling about some products that strike my fancy.  I hope that you would join me on this amusing trip... Now, now... How about a cup of tea?

Hmmm, yummy and comforting chocolate-orange milk tea :)

Disclaimer:  The products discussed in this article are private purchases and  not company-gratuities.

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