Glam Up My Nails Serries: My Julep Obsession

"Sweet Alicia"
with Oscar accent nail

 ~~ Glam Up My Nails ~~

     Very modest as I am when it comes to fashion and accessories, I do like to glam up my style once in a while ~ a simple yet sophisticated look.  Nail art specially captured me.  It's very fashionable, yet it can be as demure or as outgoing as you want it to be.  What wonderful things you can do with your nails!  Express creativity, moods, and enhance well-being through those seemingly unassuming finger tips...  In other words... I developed a craze for Nail polish and nail art paraphernalia.

I painted this one while watching "Roman Holiday"
Did I capture some of the romance?

       Julep Nail Polish form an integral part of my nail polish and nail art collection.  Thanks to their program called "Julep Maven."  Although there are some kinks along the way with regards to my product experience, my enjoyment of the program and the products themselves still outweigh any troubles.  In a few of my articles, I wish to share this experience with you - from colors to designs even emotions :)  You can decide for yourself whether or not you would like to be a part of this program as well.

      For now, I want to share with you this two designs I made and have enjoyed using Julep Polishes.  To carry out the company's tradition, I named these designs in honor of the polishes' titles :)  What is your favorite nail art design?


"Bubbly Sandra"
I think a strip of Glitter can make any design 'sparkle', lol.
      *I used the ever raved about "polymer top coat" in this design and loved it.  My manicure held on for a week!  It was just allowed to air dry (No UV lamp used and no reapplication of top coat done, although recommended.) There were visible signs of wear on the tips as well as lifting on the cuticle part but no chips.  Thoroughly pleased :)

You may find more of my nail art designs here:
Up next: I'll tell you how it is like being a "Julep Maven" for me.


Disclaimer:  The products discussed in this article are private purchases and  not company-gratuities.

For Julep Polishes:

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