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Looking for fun and cheap ways to accessorize your nails?  Want it fancy?  Not a good free hand painter?  Lacking nail art ideas?

Have you heard/tried water decals nail art?
Please read more below to see if you'd like to try it.
Water Decal Nail Art to cover the whole nail.
Decals from Ebay

Not too long ago, I shared with you my First Impressions on the Water Decal Nail Art trend that is going on right now.  Do first impressions last on this particular product?  Absolutely!  Look at all the fancy designs I was able to do with my nails!  And nope, I don't really paint (I wish!  Well, this is one way to pretend I could paint and actually pull-off the act. *wink*)
It's fun... not to mention, there are a lot of available designs to choose from. I have done seven designs of water decals so far and each of them I wore until I absolutely had to remove them (at least 7 days for each design.)

Here's a summary of the features I like about Water Decals:
a.  Cost effective.  Read more below as to where to get them cheap.
b.  Very durable.  As mentioned, I wear mine for at least 7 days.
     The edges start to wear off but I have not experienced any chipping.
c.  Versatility.  The designs can be mixed-and-matched and sandwiched between layers of soak-off polish.  Please see the photos in this post for example.
d.  Easy to use.  The water decals melt with polish remover.  Hence, no need to cut and file; gentler on the nails.  It melds into your top coat so the finished work feels as smooth as nail polish itself.  Very comfortable!
e.  So many designs to choose from.

Now, would you like to try nail wraps on your finger nails?

Where to get them...

(1) Ebay:  Very cheap, Designs are mostly random, shipping takes up to 45 days.  Choose to order single or bulk (random designs).

I ordered this bunch of water decals (picture above) nail art from Ebay for about $5.00 Cad for 50 pieces.  The designs are random.  The first batch I ordered consisted mainly of floral designs, for that, I am very very happy.  Some designs looks like florals on fancy China Tea Cups.  Look at my nail art in the picture below, don't they look like tea cup designs?

The second batch I ordered (from another seller for almost the same price) have about 50% Christmas designs, and the other 50% is a mix of florals, snow flakes, and abstract designs.  I'm very disappointed at the Christmas designs as (1) I don't celebrate Christmas and (2) I ordered the water decals in January therefore receiving my order in February...  not very timely....  Oh well, the sellers did say that no particular design is promised, they are all sent in random.

When ordering from Ebay, you will have to be prepared to wait for about 25-45 days to receive your shipment depending on the country you live in.  Mine arrived in 35 days.

Some ebay stores would send exactly what is pictured but the prices would be higher and shipping cost is usually charged.

(2) Born Pretty Store

Born Pretty Store is particularly popular among Instagram users and they carry all sorts of nail art, make-up and accessory needs.

Water decals are sold in this store singly, per design.  So you can choose only the designs you absolutely love.  The price ranges from $1.42 to $4.00 (Please see my code on the left to get 10% off on regular price items.)

On the picture below you can see some of the nail art water decals I ordered from them.

Photo: Single images Water Decal Nail Art Decorations to embellish your favorite nail polish color.
Decals from Born Pretty Store

I have more water decal nail art designs coming up soon :-)

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  1. My dearest Maya,
    I feel in awe looking at you nails, for sure yours is truly an art !
    Thank you for sharing your masterpieces !

    May your weekend be filled with love
    sending so dear hugs to you


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