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Pompeii's Warning | Naples, Italy

Pompeii Naples Italy Mt Vesuvius
Pompeii Naples Italy Mt Vesuvius
Pompeii Naples Italy Mt Vesuvius
Pompeii Naples Italy Mt Vesuvius

Staring at these human forms seemed to be disrespectful, made me feel quite uneasy.  So I snapped a photo and left... Waah!!! I'm staring at them right now! :( They used to live a life like we do.  Now they are on display as objects of astonishment.  The lessons are powerful though.  I wonder, many centuries from now, would the 'post modern' world excavate our remains and study them?  What would we teach them? hmh?
Studies concluded that the people of Pompeii died from asphyxiation and heat caused by the gases from the erupting volcano.  Fine ash fell like fluffy snow on the bodies, too light to make any change on the flesh nor the clothing.  The ash dried up before the bodies could decompose.  In time, cavities were formed. When plaster is injected into the cavity, the result is a perfectly preserved human shape.

Stories can be inferred as to how a certain person died based on their positions.  What hurts is this:  Some must have already escaped the fatal fate of the city but because of their love for their possessions, they came back to retrieve some.  But there were no second chances. A body was found on the street with his money bag, another with coin scattered all about him...

In the face of disaster, instead of concerning themselves on how they can save their lives and the lives of others, people try to salvage their belongings and looters take advantage to try and enrich themselves.  The city was obviously being buried by ash at this point when thieves tried to make an opening on the wall.  For how could they miss the door only two feet away?  How much time and effort would it have taken to make this hole on a feet-thick wall?  Could they have ran away alive instead?

Clearly, one's life does not result from the things he possesses.

Mount Vesuvius is a live volcano.  It may in the future erupt again... what would the inhabitants do when they receive a warning?  We face many disasters all over the world today... If we get a warning, will we heed it?

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  1. It's gorgeous, isn't it Maya ?!
    Pompei has always fascinated me, its story doesn't even seem true and with your pictures and your words you've described it wonderfully !
    Tthank you for sharing this beauty of Italy :)

    With dear love


  2. I really want to visit there, hopefully will one day :)

  3. It might be scary to even visit! Sort of like Nepal with the earthquake...what to do. You should be a history teacher!

    1. I hated history in grade school, lol... But given another chance, I might just be... I am understanding, really well, the importance of field trips :-D

  4. Hello, what a great place to visit. But, then again I wonder when would be the next irruption? Believe me, if I had a warning I would be out of there. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


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